Dr Shuessler's Tissue Salts
Dr Schuessler determined that inorganic substances are present in the body as compounds (mineral salts), he named the twelve principal compounds which he called "Tissue Salts". Dr Schuessler studied the function of each of these twelve tissue salts and was able to define the disorder caused by the disturbance of the physiological balance of each tissue salt, the symptoms varying according to the tissue salt which is lacking. Thus the symptoms point to the required tissue salt.

The Twelve Tissue Salts
Calcium Fluoride (CF) Maintains elasticity of tissues in the body. CF is indicated for conditions resulting from weak muscular or supportive tissue. Such as varicose veins, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, constipation, strained tendons and ligaments, prolapsed organs, hardened skin, reduces formation of stretch marks.

Calcium Phosphate (CP) Is the most abundant tissue salt in the body. It assists with digestion and absorption of food and is important for strong bones. As a restorative it helps in convalescence and replenishes the body's reserves. CP is indicated for blood and bone disorders including anaemia, osteoporosis and growth especially in children.

Calcium Sulphate (CS) Is a blood purifying tissue salt, it helps the liver to remove waste products from the blood stream. It is indicated for the discharge of pus, such as pimples, boils and abscesses. It is particularly effective at drying up matter after most of the pus has been discharged.

Ferrum Phosphate (IP) Is an oxygen carrier and anti-inflammatory, and is the principal biochemical first aid remedy. It should be used at the onset of inflammatory conditions i.e. disorders ending with 'itis'. Key indications for IP are shortness of breath, weak immunity, colds and influenza, infections, pain, fever, anaemia and heavy menstruation.

Kalium Muriaticum (PM) The biochemical remedy for catarrhal conditions accompanied by discharge of thick, white mucous or phlegm from the skin or mucous membranes. This deficiency may present as allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, snoring or nausea.

Kalium Phosphate (PP) A brain and nerve cell nutrient. Its deficiency may present in symptoms of lack of concentration, memory loss, insomnia, mental or physical exhaustion and nervous conditions.

Kalium Sulphate (PS) Maintains healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes, and is an oxygen carrier.

Magnesium Phosphate (MP) The muscle and nervous system relaxant. Symptoms of deficiency may include flatulence, nervous tension, hunger pains and muscle cramps. It is indicated for all spasmodic pains, hiccups, spasmodic palpitations, cramping menstrual pain and headaches, especially if accompanied by shooting or stabbing pains.

Natrum Muriaticum (SM) Is the water balancing tissue salt. Symptoms of deficiency will be characterised by excessive moisture or dryness such as dry lips, and a running nose. Itchiness of the skin or eyes, lack of vitality, swelling of any area of the body, constipation/diarrhoea.

Natrum Phosphate (SP) An acid neutralising tissue salt. It is the principal biochemical remedy for ailments associated with an accumulation of acid in the body. It is indicated for heartburn, acid indigestion, gout, cholesterol problems, smelly feet, or body odour, constipation and any yellow coloured body discharge.

Natrum Sulphate (SS) Promotes the elimination of excess water from the body and is the chief biochemical remedy for water retention. SS contributes to the healthy functioning of the liver and is recommended for disorders associated with liver and bile such as biliousness, alcohol overindulgence, jaundice and hepatitis.

Silicea (S) Is a connective tissue cleanser and conditioner. It is an anti-stress tissue salt. A deficiency results in symptoms that could include irritability, noise or light sensitivity, feelings of aggression, clamp-like headaches and involuntary twitching of the eyes or facial muscles. It also removes degenerative matter from the body and is the biochemical remedy for abscesses, sties, boils and pimples. NOTE: Due to its ability to remove foreign matter from the body, Silica should not be used for extended periods by people with implants or foreign objects in their body.