Deficiency Signs and Symptoms
Beriberi – mental confusion, muscle wasting (dry), fluid retention (wet), high Bp, difficulty walking, heart disturbances. Can result from eating white rice rather than whole grain.
Mild deficiency – fatigue, depression, pins and needles or numbness in legs, constipation.
In alcoholics with thiamin deficiency = Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

Main Uses
Prevent deficiency in diabetes, Crohn’s dx, MS, neurological diseases.
Prevent and treat impaired mental function in elderly, in Alzheimer’s it is essential for energy production in brain, severe deficiency causes psychosis. Mimics NT acetylcholine (memory),which is often low in Alzeimer’s. (Murray 2001)
Epileptics on Dilantin (phenytoin) – improves mental function.

Naturopathic Dose

100 mg daily