Bach Flower Essences


Flower Essence Use
Agrimony mental torture behind a cheerful face
Aspen fear of unknown things
Beech intolerance
Centaury the inability to say no
Cerato lack of trust in one’s own decisions
Cherry Plum fear of losing the mind
Chestnut Bud failure to learn from mistakes
Chicory selfish, possessive love
Clematis dreaming of the future without working in the present
Crab Apple self-hatred, the cleansing remedy
Elm overwhelmed by responsibility
Gentian discouragement after a setback
Gorse hopelessness and despair
Heather self-centred and self-concern
Holly hatred, envy and jealousy
Honeysuckle living in the past
Hornbeam procrastination, tiredness
Impatiens impatience
Larch lack of self confidence
Mimulus fear of known things
Mustard deep gloom descending for no reason
Oak keep on going, past the point of exhaustion
Olive exhaustion following mental or physical effort
Pine guilt
Red Chestnut over-concern for the welfare of others
Rock Rose terror or extreme fright
Rock Water self-denial, rigidity and self-repression
Scleranthus inability to choose between two alternatives
Star of Bethlehem shock
Sweet Chestnut extreme mental anguish
Vervain over-enthusiasm
Vine dominance and inflexibility
Walnut protection from change or unwanted influences
Water Violet pride and aloofness
White Chestnut unwanted thoughts or mental arguments
Wild Oat uncertainty over one’s direction in life
Wild Rose drifting, resignation, apathy
Willow self-pity or resentment