Fagopyrum esculentum

If buckwheat is roasted it's called kasha. Buckwheat is generally not attacked by insects and will die if grown with most chemicals. Buckwheat does not contain gluten.

Carbohydrate, protein, B vitamins, flavonoid glycosides, bioflavonoids, rutin, quercetin

During hot conditions: fever, high blood pressure, dark red tongue.

Benefits and Uses

Strengthens, tones and repairs blood vessel walls, protects against x-ray and radiation, reduces bleeding, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation to hands and feet, cleans and strengthens intestines, vasodilatory. Useful in capillary or blood vessel fragility – varicose veins, haemorrhoids, gangrene, easy bruising, bleeding gums, etc. poor circulation, hypertension (especially with capillary bleeding), dysentery and chronic diarrhoea.
Sprouted – excellent source of protein, chlorophyll, enzymes and vitamins.


Cook as you would brown rice.