Natural vitamin A: retinol or retinyl-palmitate.
Carotenes: beta-, beta- and alpha-, mixed carotene from palm oil (best form); carotenes are precursors to vitamin A, found in plants.

Deficiency Signs and Symptoms
Reduced immune function, alterations in lining of respiratory or gastrointestinal tract, more susceptible to infectious disease e.g. pneumonia.
Prolonged deficiency can cause night blindness, xerophthalmia and increased infection rate.

Main Uses
Visual – to improve sight and night vision.
Growth & development – as vitamin A helps to maintain epithelial tissue.
Reproduction – beta-carotene in fertility, ovulation and corpus luteum function.
Immune function (5000 I.U. for men, 2500 I.U. for women) – maintains mucosal surfaces and secretions.

Avoid high doses during pregnancy or if not on contraception.